Oil Stop Leak / Anti-leaks 300ml motor oil

WARM UP® OIL STOP LEAK is a new oil-soluble processing technology that stops and prevents engine oil leaks, manual gearbox, power steering and ATF fluids without disassembling.

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Oil leakage – reconditioner of joints for engine, gearbox, steering and A.T.F.


  • Stops and prevents engine oil leaks without dismantling.
  • Regenerates the elasticity of the rubber and neoprene rubber and neoprene sealings of the vilebrequin, cam shaft and valve guide.
  • Multifunctional treatment: for engines, mechanical box, power steering and ATF.
  • Improves the flexibility of the joints and ring.
  • Increases the size of the joints.
  • Reduces the sounds of cam trees and tumblers.
  • Compatible with all mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils.
  • Does not alter catalytic exhaust pipes.
  • Do not change the periodicity of the drains.
  • Apply to old and new generations.
  • Does not contain any corrosive products.
  • Safe for seals, EGR-compatible, lambda probe, particle filter and catalytic pot.
  • Curative and preventive application.

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