Stop Leaks and Consumption Engine Oil

Preventive and curative, this engine oil additive stops leakage and excessive consumption of oil.

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STOP FUITES AND CONSOMMATION HUILE MOTEUR: the ideal additive to regenerate sealing rings and stop abusive consumption

Excessive consumption of an engine’s oil can come from two causes:

  1. At the stop, there is a small puddle of oil under the engine: this is due, in the vast majority of cases, to a loss of waterproofing of the low engine joints (vilebrequin) which in time and with temperature harden and lose their elasticity. Either you have to change the joint, which causes a very high labour cost for a joint that does not cost euros, or you use STOP FUITES AND CONSOMMATION. The result is guaranteed after 50/100 kilometers, except in case the joints are split and in this case they will have to be changed (this case is very rare).
  2. In the second case, it is either premature wear of the segments on the pistons, or the segments are erased in the throats of the pistons. They lose flexibility and no longer provide the perfect sealing of the cylinders.

In both cases, the consequence is the same: part of the hot oil film goes through the segmentation and goes to the exhaust (blue smoke).

By adding the additive STOP FUITES AND CONSOMMATION, the oil film will be strengthened ensuring a better sealing of the segmentation, consumption will be considerably reduced or even stopped. In addition, the first laps of the pistons at the start cold will be lubricated, reducing the wear of moving parts. This treatment also prevents the presence of metal dust deposited on the magnetized drain cap of the oil pan.

We recommend the use of STOP FUITES AND CONSOMMATION especially when going on holiday or when the vehicle is travelling in extreme conditions (weight, high outside temperatures, traffic jams). It will maintain good oil pressure.

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