Module G BOX 2 | Total key loss on MERCEDES BENZ

G-BOX II module in case of total loss of Mercedes keys
For use with Altar MaxiIM IM608 and Auro IM600.

Developed for use on Mercedez-Benz vehicles at DAS3 CAN EIS/EZS AKL Standards.
Reduces ECU data reading time on W204 and W207 EIS models by more than 85%.

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The G-BOX2 is the fastest solution on the market when all the keys to Mercedes-Benz DAS3 EIS/EZS vehicles are lost. Using the G-BOX2 reduces the time required and eliminates the process of inserting and removing keys.
The G-BOX2 can read and access most Bosch calculators, including the EDS/MEx17 series used in BMW and VAG vehicles. This ability allows adjustments to be made when all keys are lost and the engine is replaced.

The G-BOX2 is compatible with Altar Advanced Diagnostic Tablets that support IMMO and key programming functions.


Key features:


– Total lost keys on Mercedes Benz, faster PIN calculation

– Use with IM608 or IM508 and XP400

– Use for faster calculation of Mercedes ECU data and EIS PIN

– Total loss of Mercedes DAS3 can EIS/EZS

– ReduceD reading time for ECU W204 and EIS W207 data by more than 85%

– No need to remove and re-insert the key for the W221 and W164 models after 2009

– Reading and writing in both MODES BMW DME/DDE ISN

– In case of total loss of keys it is not necessary to remove and re-insert the key several times

– Also compatible with Auro IM600 and Auro IM100 diagnostics with XP400

Compatible with models

    • W164 – 2008
    • W251 – 2008
    • W164 – 2009
    • W169
    • W251 – 2009
    • W216
    • W221 (partial)
    • W202 (K)
    • W208 (K)
    • W210 (K)
    • W203 (K)
    • W463 (K)

Direct programming without having to remove the EZS, for all EIS models, except:

  • W164 -2008
  • W251 – 2008
  • W221
  • W202 (K)
  • W208 (K)
  • W210 (K)
  • W203 (K)
  • W463 (K)


  • Reading the ECU ISN/DME/DDE code in Boot Mode
  • 23 supported Bosch calculator models, including MEVD/EDC17
  • EDC17C06
  • DC17C41
  • EDC17C50
  • EDC17C56
  • EDC17CP02
  • EDC17CP09
  • EDC17CP45
  • EDC17CP49
  • MED17.2
  • MEV17.2
  • MEV17.2.2
  • MEVD17.2
  • MEVD17.2.2
  • MEVD17.2.4
  • MEVD17.2.5
  • MEVD17.2.6
  • MEVD17.2.7
  • MEVD17.2.8
  • MEVD17.2.9
  • MEVD17.2.G
  • MEVD17.2.H
  • MEVD17.2.P
  • MEVD17.2.S

6 Siemens calculator models, including MSD/MSV engines

  • MSD80
  • MSD81
  • MSD85
  • MSD87
  • MSV80
  • MSV90

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