Antifigeant Gasoil / GNR / Fuel


GazOLE-GNR-FUEL antifreeze for diesel engine, public works and heating

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ANTIGEL GAZOLE delays the fixation of paraffin crystals at low temperatures.

From September 1 to March 31, tankers deliver diesel fuels guaranteeing a TLF (Temperature Limit of Filtrability) between -15 and -25 degrees Celsius depending on the harsh climate and regions. This TLF determines the degree to which the paraffins of diesel-gnr-fuel freeze and clog the diesel filter, thus preventing the engine from being powered by fuel and causing the failure!

In fact, you have to differentiate 3 measures:

  1. The point of trouble: it is the temperature at which the diesel or gnr fuel changes its appearance. This change in appearance occurs at about 4oC.
  2. The TLF point: the temperature at which paraffin crystals freeze.
  3. The break-up point: no one talks about it, but it is the temperature at which the engine has power difficulties at start-up. This measure is important because there is a significant difference between the TLF point and the PANNE POINT.

Example: A GAZOLE/GNR/FOD with a TLF of -15oC gives a break-even point of about -10oC whereas if it had been treated with our ANTIGEL GAZOLE, the failure point would pass about -17oC.

IMPORTANT: The addition of the ANTI-GEL GAZOLE must be made before the point of disorder is reached (about 4oC) because below this temperature the treatment no longer dilutes properly and loses its effectiveness.